Of Scholary Writing and Creative Writing (An Avant-Garde Approach)

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Of Scholary Writing and Creative Writing (An Avant-Garde Approach)
Creative writing does not inform rather reveals. So it bears no reference. The present article is an outcome of creative writing meant for lay readers. As such free style is the methodology adopted so that pleasure of reading can be enjoyed by the common mass. In this paper the basic differences between scholar and creator are discussed. A scholar is honored everywhere but a creator gets hatred instead and thereby dies unfed, unwept, unsung and unknown as well. The paradox is that a Shakespearean scholar, doing research on the immortal creations of Shakespeare, is awarded a Doctoral Degree, but Shakespeare, the creator himself, had no formal education beyond school.
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Dibakar Pal
Pal, Dibakar is a Civil Servant in India and PhD Student. Though he is a Civil Servant yet he is genuinely interested in diversified academic fields. As such, he awarded master degrees in M.Sc(Math), M.A(English), M.A(Bengali), M.B.A(HRD), M.C.A, P.G.D.M.M(Marketing), L.L.B, D.C.E(Creative Writing), M. Phil (Business Management),UGC- NET(Management)-2008. He attended several International Conferences in U.S.A, though his papers were considered in many International Conferences. He presents papers on Computer Science, Management, English Literature, Linguistic, Philosophy, Philology, Psychology, Sociology, Humanities and Poems. He presented a paper on Computer Science and Chaired in 2007 IEEE Conference at Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A. He serves as Session Chair, Presider and Reviewer. He serves as reviewer of American Marketing Association, Journal of Common Ground; Australia, IEEE Transactions, IJEAPS, AJHC.
He has more than one hundred forty publications and among these one is as Monograph in International Journal on Management Science, one in Consumer Behavior, two in Computer Science, one in Neuroscience, one is in Linguistic and rest is Creative Writing of English Literature. In Creative Writing two papers have been incorporated in SSRN’s Top Ten Download List three times in November, December 2010 and April 2011. Now he is pursuing his PhD thesis in Business Management in University of Calcutta, India. Also he is working on the Extension Works of Huffman Code i.e., Coding Theory and Pattern Recognition through Fuzzy Logic (Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, etc) of Computer Science. His hobby is Essay Writing.




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