anakata - More than a Hero!

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anakata - More than a Hero!
Meelis will give an overview of the lessons he has learned from the Free Anakata campaign so far, and Robert will announce and describe ongoing preparations of a documentary movie about anakata's imprisonment and ongoing trials. The potentialities of file-sharing merging into cryptographic currency protocols will also be discussed. Main keywords: education, P2P, and hacktivism, as tools that the Pirate movement must put into use.  
Meelis Kaldalu
I have lived most of my life in Estonia (Tartu), where I studied semiotics for years, but currently travel a lot while trying to raise focus and awareness in the ongoing trial of The Pirate Bay founder anakata. I am also member of the control committee at Pirates Without Borders.
Second Presenter
Robert Julius Blokker
Robert has lived and studied in Leiden for the most part of his Life, taking courses in arts and movies, as well as actively participating in the Occupy movement and perpetuating the longest ongoing demonstration in the Netherlands. He is reading about and investing into various cryptocurrencies in his spare time.




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