GlobaLeaks brings whistleblowing everywhere

Day 2 at 14:00

GlobaLeaks brings whistleblowing everywhere
GlobaLeaks is a secure and free whistleblowing platform. Since 2011 has been helping initiatives that want to Solicit Whistleblowers for public interests purposes. GlobaLeaks 2.0 has been released on May 2013 with more than 10 initiatives using it.

It focus on simplifying the deployment, being fully configurable via web, still maintaining high security standard in Tor darknet and fully encrypted flows.
GlobaLeaks is just the software inside a larger political and organization vision, involving transparency, editorial policies, security, advocacy, promotion, seeking the Truth and more.

During this talk, one of the GlobaLeaks coders, Claudio Agosti, want to give an overview of current functionalities, showcase of different uses of globaleaks and clarification on the steps required to setup an initiative involving anonymous whistleblowing.
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Claudio Agosti
Claudio Agosti (also know as vecna), in 16 years has reached a certain knowledge and experience based on this time distribution: 40% develop and broke security software, 20% experiment networking technology, 20% advocacy on digital human rights protection, "neverenough"% studies and hypothesis on the enemy moves.

The Enemy is the market of the personal data, the politician scared by Internet, the users ignorance, theclosed source software and the NSA.  
This fight can't be win, but until you're able to hack technology you can produce infinite silver bullets.




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