What Pirate Parties can do that other parties can not ?

Day 2 at 15:45

What Pirate Parties can do that other parties can not ?
Exploring  contributions from new ways of thinking (for instance  Senge, Rheingold, Morin), I will argue that Pirate Parties are working out (and should continue to) a successful development design, based on both start up and multinational companies’ strategies. Some focus will occure concerning multilingualism’s importance to enhance creativity.
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Didier Urschitz
Didier URSCHITZ  is 59 years old and he is member of the French Pirate Party since autumn 2012. He will actively participate in the next European Elections (http://didier-urschitz.eu).
Actually, he is Development and Prospective Manager in an ICT Engineering Faculty (French School) in Lille (Telecom Lille, part of the Institut Mines Telecom). Formerly he was Vice-Dean in this Faculty, and before, he acted as Vice-Dean in the French Film Institute « Louis Lumiere » in Paris. ln the nineties, he was a physics teacher in various Schools in Bretagne.
He studied Physics at the Cluj University (Romania)  and at Rennes I University. He started his career in a Non Destructive Testing Laboratory in a big metallurgical plant in Cluj (the CUG Company). He was born  in a multi ethnic family and he speaks five languages.




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