Financing Political Parties

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Financing Political Parties
Human Rights
Political parties need money to pursue their ideas. Lack of financial resources is a common problem of emerging parties. Income sources may, however, influence their political agenda. Some financing models might lead to effective exclusion of some ideologies from the political competition. Should political parties receive money from the state? Should they be allowed to accept donations from corporations? Should there be restrictions on how political parties spend their money? The talk will address these questions and describe internal financial regulations of the Czech Pirate Party, which were introduced in order to prevent corruption and decisions motivated by income increase.
Marcel Kolaja
* Free Software and Free Culture expert
* member of the Czech Pirate Party (PP-CZ)
* graduated at Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University

political history:
* 2012–2013: 4th vice-chairmain of the PP-CZ
* 2011–2012: international coordinator of the PP-CZ
* 2011–2011: co-chairman of the Pirate Parties International
* 2010–2011: member of the republic committee in the PP-CZ
* 2003–2005: activist (free software, software patents)

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