Is a right to work up to date and achievable?

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Is a right to work up to date and achievable?
Human Rights
By far the largest part of the population depends directly or indirectly as a family member or pensioner on income from work. This work income is not only livelihood, but active participation in the economy and society.

The loss of a job is one of the central fears of the vast majority of people. If we do not take these fears and needs seriously, then we take these people in one of their central concerns seriously not.

In the presentation ideas are presented, how the article 23 right to work of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights could be implemented.

The planned presentation was already held in similar form on the EuWiKon 2013. See attached presentation.

The subject of right to work has been hotly debated in the AG Wirtschaft of the German Pirate Party.
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