Stop our robotic overlords – no-drone zones in Europe

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Stop our robotic overlords – no-drone zones in Europe
Human Rights
Current debate about drones/UAVs is mostly focused on the moral implications of drones killing or targeting people in Afghanistan or Pakistan. At the same time drones are introduced in border surveillance at EUROSUR/Frontex, some European police forces already use UAVs, they become increasingly popular for surveillance for example for the premises of Deutsche Bahn, and Amazon and DHL are experimenting with delivery prototypes. This all happens in Europe more or less without regulation.

My talk will focus on where regulation is necessary: if drones are used for policing, where is the intervention threshold? Is it OK to use Flying Eyes for traffic observations? Who protects neighbours of railway premises from collateral surveillance? Do we want large drones that can be hacked and are prone to crashes flying over inhabited areas? Are we fine with unmanned aerial and aquatic vehicles that can be armed to patrol European borders?
Martin Kliehm
Member of the City Council of Frankfurt, candidate for the European Parliament, web developer, geek.




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