Sustainability in music - How access to the Public Domain promotes creativity

Day 1 at 15:00

Sustainability in music - How access to the Public Domain promotes creativity
Creativity is about creating something new, not reinventing the wheel. For this works must be accessible. It is our cultural heritage! This is especially true for old works which are seldom or on old media not in common use anymore.

The public domain project is a independent community driven project to make historical audio and film records available to everybody.

We are not like most of the traditional archives because a lot of them make the same two failures:
They don't work with the records, they just store them and second they make it hard for you to listen to it or to use it

We correct both, we digitize our records and we provide easy access to it! That's how we understand an archive should work nowadays.

Why is this so important?
Because it affects the sustainability of our culture. The creative cycle of “composition, interpretation, recording, storage and use” must be kept closed.

In this session I would like to give some insights what the public domain project is, what we do, how the project is organized and what legal problems we face like why it is so hard to provide free access to public domain works.

I will give also an overview to the legal term "public domain" and it's relation to copyright law in different countries.

Free access means also that we use and promote open source software and open patent-free standards like the audio formats we use: FLAC and Ogg/Vorbis
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Christoph Zimmermann
I'm a professional electronics engineer, developing microcontroller and DSP HW, developing FPGA designs and programming low-level parts of firmware projects.

Besides that, I'm addicted to music since I'm a teenager. Involved in the internet radio scene since 2003 and board member of the internet radio association of switzerland since it was founded in 2004.

2009 I got somehow sucked into the Public Domain Project "working" as consultant for technical questions. Now I'm responsible for all the IT stuff and try to help where I can.




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