Euro: Fundamental reforms instead of fix packs!

Day 1 at 15:45

Euro: Fundamental reforms instead of fix packs!
If we do not get the Euro crisis under control, then the current problems will only be the prelude to a chronic crisis. The euro, which should strengthen the integration of Europe could, might tear Europe apart.

The envisaged and initiated measures to overcome the euro crisis are “fix packs”, and do not really tackle the real problems.

In the talk, new aspects and ideas are presented, how through fundamental reforms a monetary system could be created, that serves the people and the real economy - and not primarily the financial markets.

The German Pirate Party has a very active group, which deals with the monetary systems and financial policy.

Wiki-link to details of the presentation:

A subtitle of the talk could be : Stops the dismantling of democracy by the financial markets
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