The common consumption tax system

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The common consumption tax system
Imagine that it is income, and all have it!
By a general income tax and social delivery to 50 % beneath the today´s EU VAT to 19% and reduced 7%, it is possible in Germany to provide needy sections of the population an existence-protecting basic income.By general taxing consumption instead of the present general collection of income tax and social security contributions unconditional payment of a basic income to the population in addition to a no-cost health care is possible. For Germany I have designed the common consumption tax system, which leaves the individual purchasing power and product prices at the same level  and is introduceable any time.The financing of an unconditional basic income can be improved if the exemptions and reductions of the EU VAT system policy disappear, so that the economic cycles of each Member State or the whole EU are closed.
Verena Nedden
Verena Nedden, 46 years old, studied in Dortmund civil engineering, then law at the Ruhr University in Bochum. The since her youth socially and politically emancipatory dedicated lawyer then put her professional focus to the control law. Since 2010, the lawyer specializing in tax law operates its office in Essen. The concept of the Community consumption tax system has defined in 2012 as a contribution to future dialogue between the Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and placed across party political debate. Since then she is committed to local and nationwide at the Pirate Party Germany.




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