To the ECI and beyond! Can Europeans take their destiny into their own hands?

Day 1 at 15:00

To the ECI and beyond! Can Europeans take their destiny into their own hands?
On the first of April 2012 the European Citizens' Initiative was finally launched, after years of negotiations between the European institutions. For the first time, citizens could directly influence European decision-making, at least that was the idea. Unfortunately, the ECI had to deal with many hurdles - very high quora, many technical problems with the online signature software and some initiatives' registration were refused. Nearly two years after the launch, some of these problems have been solved, but many remain. In our presentation, we will go through the history of the ECI, describe the modifications civil society managed to force upon legislators to improve the ECI, future modifications necessary for a truly empowering instrument and other ways citizens can directly influence European decision-making.
Gilles Bordelais
I am a 39 year old French living in Germany and running for a seat in the European Parliament for the German Pirate Party. I have worked in the fields of IT, languages and education.

I am a former Member of the European Youth Parliament, the current Speaker for the Working Group on Europe of the German Pirate Party and as such have coordinated much of the creation of our political program on Europe. In the International Coordination, I take the role of Attaché for France and other French-speaking parts of the world and contribute to common international campaigning efforts.  
Second Presenter
Jerry Weyer
I am a 27 year old European currently living in Luxembourg. I studied European law in Strasbourg at Université Robert Schuman and in London at the London School of Economics and Political Science. I currently work as a freelance Social Media Consultant.

I am a European citizen interested in Luxembourgish, European and international politics. I am a founding member and former Vice-President of Pirate Party Luxembourg  and former Co-Chairman of the Pirate Parties International (PPI), the umbrella organization of Pirate Parties. I worked for a luxembourgish Parlamentary Monitoring Organisation, support the ECI campaign and am following the development of citizens’ participation and parlamentary transparency in Luxembourg and Europe, promoting tools of direct democracy and social media as a tool for citizens’ engagement.




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